Dienstag, 22. März 2016

Achtung Kartoffel!

Come and join us in Bologna:

A C H T U N G  K A R T O F F E L !
Artist Residency

In occasion of *LOOK. Germany in Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2016* we are happy to transfer our studio *Labor Ateliergemeinschaft* to Biblioteca Salaborsa, the main library in Bologna, from 2. to 5. April. Achtung Kartoffel! is an experimental project, where everybody can stop by and take part in workshops and artistic activities. We will set up a supermarket scenery, where all visitors are invited to craft, paint and draw to fill the shelves with brilliant brandnew products. Of course there will not only be potatoes – together we will invent all kinds of new necessities. Who wouldn’t want to buy some peace in a box, happiness in slices and love by the kilogram?

We also designed 13 interactive billboards, displayed in the streets of Bologna (in collaboration with CHEAP).

With Jörg Mühle, Natascha Vlahovic, Philip Waechter, Alexandra Maxeiner, Anke Kuhl and von Zubinski.

Saturday 2.4.16
10 am and 4 pm, Biblioteca Salaborsa Ragazzi
Workshop: Super Super Supermarkt I + II
After that: Aperitivo with the artists

Sunday, 3.4.16
10.30 am, Via Marchesana
Workshop: Super Super Superposter
4 pm, Biblioteca Salaborsa Ragazzi
Workshop: Super Super Supermarkt III

Tuesday, 5.4.16
5.15 pm, Biblioteca Salaborsa Ragazzi
Workshop: SuperSuper Supermarkt IV

Wednesday, 6.4.16
3 pm, Illustrators Café, Bologna Children's Book Fair
Presentation and Q&A

The exhibition remains open until 16. April.

Curated by Hamelin Cultural Association as part of the Transbook mobility programme. An initiative of Goethe-Institut, in collaboration with Biblioteca Salaborsa Ragazzi, Transbook – Children’s Literature on the Move, CHEAP.

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  1. ich freue mich schon auf Euch - mit herzlichen Grüßen die Tolle Kartoffel aus München

  2. 2018 Bologna Children’s Book Fair will be held from 26th to 29th March as a four-day event in Bologna, Italy. Bologna Book Fair is a highly regarded event, popular for showcasing products and services related to the field of digital media, publishing, and licensing, along with discovering new market trends in children’s book industry.